Our Company

Partner References

We see our customers as partners and want to work with them together in order to increase their success. Therefore, our efforts greatly exceed the timely delivery of high quality products that we provide.

Since 2001 our partnership with the Volkswagen AG includes the sole provision of all VW production facilities in Germany with rolling bearings for any maintenance needs.

In addition, more and more production locations in neighbouring countries are starting to rely upon the Ditzinger Service. Our company has already been named one of the “TOP 100 service providers of the Volkwagen AG in the world” and was nominated for the “Volkswagen Group Award”. We have proven that we can tackle demands of noteworthy dimensions and manage to complete them without difficulty.


The demands of our products are as varied as the individual functions each one serves. When it comes to transportation systems for example, speed and accuracy are of the highest importance, whereas regarding measuring machines it is precision and rigidity that count.

Being able to provide our customers with the perfect product for every task, requires a diversified range of products as well as in-depth and professional customer support.

By working in collaboration with leading manufacturers we constantly offer our customers the best possible solutions for the most challenging and complex requests.